Residence through business

You can obtain the right to residence in Andorra in various ways. We specialize in two of the possibilities – business and investment. 

We perform almost all necessary actions on behalf of the client, with the inevitable exception of the client’s personal visit to the immigration department and medical examination.

If you intend to change your place of residence and are ready to spend more than 180 days a year in this Principality, the option of residence through business may be for you.

The option of a residence permit for investors is still available to you, as it gives you the possibility to live in Andorra from 3 months up, however you can choose another way – the creation of a company in Andorra, which can conduct business both in the country and abroad. 

The tax rate on profit is 10%; VAT – 4.5%. The fixed annual fee for a business unit is €851 for a company with limited liability.

Opening a bank account

Familiarity with the business environment is recommended to start with your chosen bank. 

There are only five banks in the country, we cooperate with all of them, each has their own preferences for their client profile. 

The bank choice will be predetermined by the specifics of the business you intend to conduct, as well as by your personal financial profile. 

We help to make a choice depending on the information you provide. Without the prior consent of the bank to serve the company, any further steps to create it do not make sense. 

We save you time and stress through our own pre-compliance check, which may coincide 95% with the decision of the bank, which will require a much larger amount of information and time for its adoption.

Company registration

To begin with, we will obtain for you the approval from local authorities for the opening of a company as a foreign investor. The application must provide a brief but detailed description of the proposed activity, your experience, estimated financial investments, and income projection, as well as, hiring plans. 

You can answer the questions of our experts and let us prepare and submit the official application for you. 

When it comes to documents you will need to provide a notarized copy of your passport and a certificate of no criminal records, both legalised with an apostille and translated to Catalan, French or Spanish.

It takes 3-4 week for the application approval. An authorisation document is issued in the name of the company owner, specifying the chosen company name and type of activity.

Once the authorisation is issued and company capital is paid (from €3000 ), it is possible to establish the company through a notarial deed. The documents confirming that you have a company established give you a right to apply to immigration for residence status for business owners known locally as “compte propi”.

In addition to the company formation, the resident must deposit €15,000 with a local financial institution.

You will receive a residence permit within 1-2 weeks from the application.

Place of residence

By the time you apply to the immigration service, you should already have an address of residence in the country. It can be rented or owned property.  It is often possible to register the company on your home address.

We can help you find a property based on your preferences. We do not provide real estate services, but we can send your request to the widest possible range of professional real estate agents, process their proposals and present to you the most relevant.  

Residence permit

Having received a resident card, you need to register as a resident in your parish (there are 7 in total in the country). 

The residence permit is initially issued for one year, then for two years with each subsequent renovation, and after 7 years for a period of 10 years.

Further steps

Having obtained the right to permanent residence in Andorra, you must register with CASS – a mandatory social and medical insurance fund.

You are entitled to apply for a 50% reduction to the quota of deductions to the fund for the first year. Deductions amount to approximately 250 euros per month (reduction included), they give you the right to automatic compensation of medical expenses in the amount of 75%.

At a doctor visit, it is enough to present your personal CASS card and the money will be returned to your account automatically. 

Furthermore, as a resident, you have at your disposal government bodies, schools, medical institutions, municipalities and free language courses. Ski resorts offer residents discounts for seasonal ski-passes. 

We will be happy to assist you in resolving any issues related to your stay in the Principality and we can provide concierge service.

Finally, don’t forget to exchange your driving license, within one year of receiving your residence status. During the first year, you may be able to do this in a simplified manner.