The second package of exceptional economic and social measures

The Consell General of Andorra approved the second package of exceptional economic and social measures that will be implemented in May.

The main objective of these measures is to preserve jobs and protect companies and self-employed.

This package includes an option for the affected companies to reduce working hours or suspend their employees’ contracts, guaranteeing continuity of employment, with the government /assuming a large part of salaries.

The companies that can be included under these measures are those that had to fully or partially close their activity or those that have seen substantial (50% or more) decrees of their invoicing income putting the business survival at risk.

Minimum salaries are guaranteed, higher salaries will see income reductions at a various percentage, depending on the salary level. 75% of the salaries of the employees’ whose contracts are suspended will be paid by the government, while 25% must still be covered by the employer.