Sant Jordi celebration in Andorra

Today, Andorra celebrates the day of Sant Jordi considered here the day of lovers, which coincides with the day of a book and a flower making Sant Jordi the day of love and culture.

Traditionally on the day of St. Jordi, a man offers his beloved a red rose while she offers him a book. 

This year, with the restriction imposed by the pandemic, the events and open markets that usually accompany the celebrations of St. Jordi were cancelled. However, the government decided to incorporate the flower and book shops in the first stage of reactivating the economy, allowing the tradition to continue amid the current situation. 

As part of phase 1 of economy reactivation, this Monday various specialised establishments were allowed to reopen their doors, among them office supplies, toys, home and gardening shops. Agricultural and some industrial activity were also reactivated, as well as, real estate with a restriction limiting their activity to that related to rental rather than sales.