Government credits for companies with liquidity issues due to the Covid-19

The Government of Andorra and Actua organised a free webinar, that explained how companies could make use of the government credits to support them with their liquidity issues caused by the Covid-19 related economic downturn.

Andorran companies facing problems of treasury and therefore their ability to cover their current expenses or pay their existing credits due to the current situation can avail from the credits.

At the moment the credits that can be requested are tapped at the value of 3 months of running expenses.

Businesses that currently have no treasury issues but they expect to have them for example in May do not fulfil the requisite yet, as priority is given to the companies that already have issues of fluidity.

Same applies in the case of companies that see a decrease in income but their liquidity is not yet affected.

The minimum documentation requirements: 

• Bank statements from the last 3 months

• Financial Statement and Profit and Loss from 2019 or if not yet available of 2018