Andorra’s borders are currently closed

The EU countries on March 17 agreed to close the borders for 30 days in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, now there is no way to enter or leave the country.

Authorities reported that as of March 22, 112 cases of infection were officially registered.

Eric Jover (spokesman for the head of government) also recalled that social exclusion is still the best tool to combat this virus. And he recommended everyone to limit trips and meetings, and that only one member of a household should go grocery shopping.

To maintain a positive mindset, he advised calling friends and relatives, organizing leisure time and exercising at home. He reminded that staying at home in the face of current events is an act of responsibility and solidarity.

The energy company FEDA announced that it would provide deferrals in payments for electricity to companies and employees for up to six months without interest. In addition, it promised that clients won’t get blacklisted in case of debt.

Andorra Telecom will also provide deferrals for payments for telephone and Internet until the end of the pandemic. In order to ensure people are able to work remotely, the company has strengthened connectivity to provide for the increased traffic and more active use of networks during the quarantine.